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NHL Center Ice Channels Not in HD?

I am a new subscriber and ordered the NHL Center Ice. Only 2 of the games seem to be in HD. 739 and 740. All the other games are in SD and look awful. I called support, they seem clueless and are sending someone out to my house. Anyone else having this issue?

Re: NHL Center Ice Channels Not in HD?

What set top box are you using? I can't vouch for it, but according to one user in this thread switching to one of the newer Spectrum boxes resolved their issue. Others in the thread said it made no difference.



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Re: NHL Center Ice Channels Not in HD?

The cable company doesn't have the bandwidth to show all games in HD, especially when there are 8 or so going on at once.  NHL CI is competing with the NBA package, multi-channel premiums, and all the other content bening sent down the pipe in HD.


 I wish you asked here first, becuase I would have recommended you purchase , as it is guaranteed to have every game in HD provided you have the bandwidth.   It's the same price, and you can "take it wth you" on your phone and laptop.  You can watch at home via Roku.


I used to watch the Rangers when I was shipped to Wisconsin for 3 seasons.