NHK world dropped in NYC? (CH 223)

Bummer.  There is a streaming option.  Time to cut the cord I reckon. 

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Re: NHK world dropped in NYC? (CH 223)



I was talking with someone in NY yesterday and we found that channel in the 1200s. The channel was not dropped.  Its on channel 1279. 




Here's a tip:  If you have our newer guide, press your guide button twice to access the filters. Some boxes have a Subscribed filter, select that.  Then press the guide button again, and your guide will only show the channels that you get and remove all the channels that you don't


Re: NHK world dropped in NYC? (CH 223)


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Re: NHK world dropped in NYC? (CH 223)

@gpducati  Good morning.


Were you able to locate the channel? If you have please mark this as solved.


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