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MLB Extra Innings 2016

Why are some of the games blacked out in the Wilmington NC area. There are no local

teams here.


Re: MLB Extra Innings 2016

Hey, welcome to balmy Cleveland's home openner.. Temp here is 26 and falling, winds are out of the west gusting to 30 and chill factor is in the 10-20 's.. Light snow.. Great day for baseball.


Contact MLB...


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Re: MLB Extra Innings 2016

You can read about Blackouts here:


You can check on Blackout Restrictions here:


Even more information here:


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Re: MLB Extra Innings 2016

Just in:

If you were looking for the Cleveland game, it's not blacked out but has been postponed until tomorrow!


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Re: MLB Extra Innings 2016

Sorry Bro...

75 and Sunny here in Oak Island NC.

Just wanted to catch my Nats on the free preview this week

and possiby order the package, but if MLB is blacking out

the O's game here, Im sure the Nats game will be too.

Can't spend $170 and not see the Nats!
Hopefully tomorrow will be better for your Opening Day!


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Re: MLB Extra Innings 2016

Area code: 28465
The following Club(s) is within the searched home television territory, and is subject to MLB.TV blackouts in the U.S. for all live regular season games:
  • Washington Nationals
  • Baltimore Orioles

So Time Warner has no regional network for these teams since they are in my home tevevision territory per MLB?


Re: MLB Extra Innings 2016

There are lots of situations like that. Many teams have strange market areas. The lovely world of professional sports -- legal monopolies.