Loss of Natgeo in Louisville, KY area

Have called twice - Dec 23 and 26th. According to support on 12/23,  problem was reported on Dec 20.  Second call on 26th and support wanted to send out a tech.  Told them I had been told it was a reported problem- he checked and sure enough it has been known since Dec 20.  Pretty bad when a customer has to tell support.   Looks like error message similar to ones when you are accessing a channel not part of your line-up.  Will call, and urge others affected, to call every day to complain. 

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Re: Loss of Natgeo in Louisville, KY area



Good afternoon.


I apologize for any service issues.  The area wide issue causing missing channels has been resolved.  Please restart your cable box and if you are still experiencing an issue,  that would indicate a possible signal issue and would require individual troubleshooting to resolve.  We encourage you to contact support directly for assistance with troubleshooting. 


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Re: Loss of Natgeo in Louisville, KY area

Re boot/power off of both boxes DID NOT fix issue.

On Samsung box, error message is 'To receive this channel, Call Customer Care at 1-844-865-9782' on all three NatGeo channels (450, 62, and 931).


On Pace box, right after re-boot/power off and on-line guide shows 'to be announced' on all channels, get 'Not Authorized' message (all three channels noted above).  Once TV listings appeared on guide, get the following:

on 450 and 62 - 'Subscription Service National Geographic For ordering info, press Info'.

on 931 - 'not authorized'.



Re: Loss of Natgeo in Louisville, KY area

As of this morning - NatGeo is now available  on the Samsung box on all channels - 62, 450, and 931. 


However, on the PACE box, NatGeo only available on channel 931.  On 62 and 450, still get subscription service message.


Re: Loss of Natgeo in Louisville, KY area

Interesting reply.  I contacted Spectrum on December 30 and they contradict what you are saying.  I was told they had no idea when the issue would be resolved. Still out at our house as of January 1, 2018