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Laff TV and ME TV Dallas

When will Spectrum carry Laff TV and ME TV in Dallas?  

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Re: Laff TV and ME TV Dallas



Laff TV and ME TV are digital sub-channels, which means that the main station must agree to a contract with Spectrum for their carriage.  To help expedite this process, you should contact the host stations below at these websites:


Katz Broadcasting- (For Laff TV: )


Weigel Broadcasting (For ME TV: )


Provide the information to them that Spectrum is your cable provider as well as your city, state, and zip, and that you are requesting that these channels be added to your cable line-up.


Channel addition requests can also be made to Spectrum here:




Re: Laff TV and ME TV Dallas

I see that MeTV (HD) is on channel 150 in Dallas on Spectrum.  Not sure when it was added, but it wasn't there a few weeks ago.