HGTV Listings Incorrect

Lately the times and shows on HGTV on the Spectrum "Guide" are incorrect.  To get the correct shows and time you need to go to the HGTV website.  This yields the wrong descriptions when you DVR shows.  I found this out when using the Spectrum  "Guide" to DVR House Hunters International only to find a House Hunters being recorded.  The Spectrum program guide was off by a half an hour !  Since then I've checked various shows.  The listing on the HGTV site is correct, the listings on the Spectrum "Guide" are not! 

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Re: HGTV Listings Incorrect

Hi @NorthRoyalton 


I am sorry to hear this is happening. We would be happy to look into this.


If you will contact our Social Media Customer Service team and reference your thread here


They can do some research and get this escalated. 


Hope you are having a good day! 


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