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Game of Thrones On Demand missing 2 Whole Seasons

I can’t access seasons 4 and 5 of GOT on Spectrum on demand. I just got off the phone with Spectrum Tech Support. After going through resets, etc. i was told it’s a known issue and they have a ticket open.

After looking further into this, I see that there’s another thread of people having the same issue beginning way back in January 2018. Spectrum seems to have closed the thread and called the issue resolved. Their resolution is to forget about watching the missing seasons on Spectrum and advise to watch the missing seasons on the HBO app.

It looks like over a year has gone by and this still hasn’t been properly resolved. For the kind of money we pay for Spectrum services, this is unacceptable (especially after all this time has gone by).

GOT final season begins soon and is perhaps the most anticipated final season of a recent series. I’m sure there are lots of people who want to watch past seasons for the first time of revisit past seasons.

Get it together Spectrum. This is really disappointing. .

Re: Game of Thrones On Demand missing 2 Whole Seasons

You can use your Spectrum login to access all seasons, all episodes on the HBO Go app.  HBO Go is available on nearly every smart tv and streaming device platform out there.

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Re: Game of Thrones On Demand missing 2 Whole Seasons

I already wrote that in my comment. I know I can watch on the HBO app. I’m not paying for Spectrum to watch shows on the HBO app.

It’s unacceptable to pay almost $200 dollars a month and not be able to watch 2 entire seasons of one of the most popular shows on Spectrum. This has been an existing problem for over a year!

I will definitely switch to Verizon as soon as it is available in my area. Spectrum is unreliable (and a rip off as clearly shown by court orders and the NY State Govt) . Spectrum is incompetent or simply could care less about repairing this known problem.

Re: Game of Thrones On Demand missing 2 Whole Seasons

I know you said it in your post. I'm just pointing out that there is a better alternative to On Demand.  It's very possible that HBO is just not making certain episodes available except via it's own app from time to time. Every other network does this to try to drive users to their own apps.


I understand the frustration you feel with On Demand...I use TiVo devices myself so I don't even have access to Spectrum On Demand. For me, using HBO Go (and Showtime Anywhere) is a better choice anyway. Better user interface, better episode tracking, the ability to create favorites, etc.

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Re: Game of Thrones On Demand missing 2 Whole Seasons

Unless you have info on this issue that Spectrum Tech Support doesn’t, it is not HBO ‘not making certain episodes available’. The problem is a technical issue that Spectrum is trying to fix.

There are 2 full seasons that are shown on the On Demand menu that don’t work when you try to access them. Spectrum Tech Support has clearly stated this is a known problem with their On Demand service they are trying to fix. Please don’t blame HBO for Spectrum’s issues unless you can verify what you are saying.

Watching via the HBO app is NOT a better alternative for me. Even if it was, that’s not the point. When someone pays for a service, they expect a reliable service. This has been a known issue for over a year that Spectrum has not fixed.

Respectfully, I’m not sure why you are advising on On Demand when you also state that you don’t have access to it. You’re commenting on a service you don’t use or have access to review.
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Re: Game of Thrones On Demand missing 2 Whole Seasons

@chaord  Good afternoon.


Missing those episodes of GOT is not an issue that has existed for that length of time.

If you would like to contact our Social Media Customer Service group we can certainly 

submit a request for this to be reviewed for you. 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum




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Re: Game of Thrones On Demand missing 2 Whole Seasons

This problem has existed for as long as I stated.  You are even part of the thread I've attached a link to below.  You apologized to customers for this same issue on January 2, 2018.  Here we are over a year later and the same problem exists.


If you type in a search of keywords 'Game of Thrones' 'Missing' in this forum's search feature you will find several threads regarding the same problem going back over a year.  


I've attached a link below for your convenience.  The link below is to a thread from around January 2018 and was never resolved.  Numerous customers complained and the thread ends without any resolution. 


Just fix the issue or let us know that Spectrum can't or wont fix the issue.  I'm tired of wasting time back and forth with Spectrum discussing what Spectrum has been aware of for over a year.