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Format for DVR list of recordings

Since Time Warner changed to Spectrum, the format for my List of recorded programs has changed, and not in a good way. The episodes are listed by date in reverse order but that can change randomly; list items keep "disappearing" into what seems like folders on a computer; and sometimes the list will not show an episode that should have been recorded, even though I have it set to record every week. For example, if I record "World of Dance," the list will show episodes 5, 4, 2, and 1--not 3. And then the next time I look at the list, it's there. The format was perfectly fine when it was Time Warner. The Spectrum system "improvement " makes me want to find another cable TV provider. Yes, it's that maddening. Are there any plans to re-format the List function?


Re: Format for DVR list of recordings

I apologize for the issues with the DVR listing. Some episodes get filtered into an other folder as they were not originally assigned an episode number so it does not put it in the season and episode list. We do appreciate the feedback and can definitely forward that up for you. 


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Re: Format for DVR list of recordings

I absolutely agree with the original comment.   Can't we just have a list of what we recorded in date order? Also the highlight should move down the list instead of the list moving up.   Why do you overcomplicate this? Very irritating.