Forced commercials with "on demand"

Just signed up, wanted to watch the new Fear the walking dead today that I missed Sunday.


When watching with on demand it forces you to watch commercials... and if you stop watching an come back... you have to start over.


What a joke... 


I want control of my experience, now I have to sit here for 1.5 hours to watch 40 minutes of TV?


Looks like I will just download the edited video's off the net instead...  Thanks...


Re: Forced commercials with "on demand"

Yeah a lot of programs are like that and the FF functions are usually disabled. I have been told this is more of the network request. If they allow TWC and other cable providers to put their programs on demand, this is one of the stipulations.

Re: Forced commercials with "on demand"

The dumbest thing is that they can't actually sell out enough commercials for the replay as compared to live run.   Unfortunately they will not be denied their pound of flesh so they just show the same commercial over and over again sometimes during the same block of commercials.   Then they repeat there nauseating promos over and over.


it is a quality issue.  Ever hear of "ring around the collar" commercial.   Message force fed to consumer so many times the customer turned off to the product.


If it is NBC I have to watch Al Roker dancing around a billion times.


We want you to get your Ad revenue but dont  engineer things that annoy the users


Re: Forced commercials with "on demand"

Before you know it we will be charged for the demand button just like we pay for their guide channel now!!!! The demand button says the channel changed but WE have to re-program the new channel ourselves, really?????