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fox sports 2 hd

We pay so much money for tv service and not to be able to see fox sports 2 hd like other cable providers is uncalled for.also moving goltv from the sports package to the Spanish package when I already had it. Can't wait till other cable providers receive the dodgers channel so I can switch to a better company 


Re: fox sports 2 hd

Some people might not be aware of this, but if you own a Roku with the TWC TV app, you'll find that some of those SD-only channels you get from your cable box are available in HD on the TWC TV app. Fox Sports 2 happens to be in HD on the app. There are a dozen or so more channels in HD on the app that are only in SD on the cable box. So if you want Fox Sports 2 in HD, look into purchasing a Roku. I own the $40 Roku stick and use it specifically for watching the HD channels that I can't get from the Time Warner supplied cable box.


Here are some channels I can get in HD through the TWC TV app on the Roku that I can't get in HD on the Time Warner supplied cable box.


FS2 (Fox Sports 2)

FXM Channel (Fox Movie Channel)

Sundance Channel

TV Land

Nick Toons

Nick Jr.

Pop (formerly known as TV Guide)

Reelz Channel



Showtime Extreme

Showtime Beyond


Showtime Women

The Movie Channel Xtra


There are probably a few more that I'm missing, but you get the idea.





Fox Sports 2 - NOT in HD !!!!!

FS2 channel 401 is not in HD and soccer fans are suffering. Please join me here to gather friendly requests to try and change that l.

TWC is the best service out there no doubt. But for a major channel not to be in HD at this time and age on our lineup, there's something that is wrong with that and not in line with the general trend.

Can you please look into our request and give us the correct date to when FS 2 will start being in HD on our TWC.
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Re: Fox Sports 2 - NOT in HD !!!!!

And I'd like the L.A. Premiums in HD, too! Only one, maybe 2, of HBO, SHO, etc. are in HD.


Re: Fox Sports 2 - NOT in HD !!!!!

Many people have requesting this channel be in HD, they want you to go to the channel feedback link to request a channel. Hopefully they adding on it in HD though

Re: Fox Sports 2 - NOT in HD !!!!!

It's ridiculous. The other cable networks have already listened to their customers and provided FS2 in HD.


We all need to submit requests using the link below. I'm sure many have already done that. I recently switched from another cable company. TWC need to up their "customer care" game. 



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Re: Fox Sports 2 - NOT in HD !!!!!

Well, i just gave my 2 cents. I have DTV, i decided to try TWC TV a couple of weeks ago, big mistake. Most of the regular stations are mostly HD and fine, but Premiums are another story.

Why aren't more people complaining about this? Like i said, i have DTV, but was willing to give TWC a chance, but as a Home Theater person, who watches Premium channels most of the time, this is totaly unacceptable.



Re: Fox Sports 2 - NOT in HD !!!!!

I just wonder how can we get the attention of Customer Service to look into this !!!

I am sure it could just be an overlook because no one has better internet speed than TWC 

and I appreciate that alot honestly.


But on Fox Sports 2 all the important soccer matches from Bundesliga to World Cup Qualifiers are being transmited in standard definition and the quality is poor on top of that.


Customer Service can you please advise on how and when this channel will be switched to HD ??

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Re: Fox Sports 2 - NOT in HD !!!!!

I'm guessing but it may happen just after the end user rates are raised to cover the cost of Fox charging TWC more to broadcast in HD.


Re: Fox Sports 2 - NOT in HD !!!!!

No response from a TWC representative? nothing? We'd be happy to know that at least you're aware of our concerns.