FS2 in HD?

This is the last message I see on this - from 2014? Any updates?


Re: FS2 Fox Sports 2 - Not in HD

Hello, BenRichards! As you may already know, Fox Sports 2 is a re-branding of Fuel TV. Fuel TV was only available in SD format - as a result, the same applies to Fox Sports 2. Fox Broadcasting Company now offers an HD feed, and we look forward to adding this feed to our lineup in the future.

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Re: FS2 in HD?

when? fox sports 2 will be airing bundesliga matches starting very shortly and for after all this time time warner to not have the matches available in HD is pretty bad for customer morale. we've been asking about this for years now with very little clear direction as to why a fairly large channel is getting such shoddy treatment...


Fox Sport 2

Why is Fox Sport 2 not available in HD?
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Re: Fox Sport 2

@MarcL wrote:
Why is Fox Sport 2 not available in HD?

Hi Marc L,


This has been asked several times on our forums in the past.  It seems that no one is sure exactly why.  I doubt it would be a bandwidth issue for one channel, and no divisions of TWC have the station in HD.  Sports in SD does not cut it today.  Best action to do is send a channel request here:




New York City fox sports 2 not hd

Why is this channel only in standard def not high def like fox sports 1?

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Re: New York City fox sports 2 not hd

That channel is only available in standard definition at this time.  However, you may make channel requests here:

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Fox Sports 2 in HD

Will Time Warner ever come to an agreement to show Fox Sports 2 in HD?  UFC is a popular sport now and it would be nice to have Fox Sports 2 in HD like U-Verse and Direct TV does


Re: Fox Sports 2 in HD

Hello, unfortunately I don't have any detailed information regarding this. But you can submit your channel request information via the link provided.


Thanks for posting!



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Re: Fox Sports 2 in HD

This channel is available in HD using the TWC TV App.....via XBOX, RoKu, or  Samsung TV''s to name a few...enjoy.


Re: Fox Sports 2 in HD

I don't see FS2 in HD in the app.   What channel number do you see for it?   If FS2 is visible in the TWC app that means that TWC has rights to carry it, so it's just a matter of including it in the channel line up.   Am I missing something?