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Dodgers games on sportsnet in San Diego

How can I watch the Dodgers games on Sportsnet La channel 321 or 331?? In San Diego?  But When the games aren't being played the channel will broadcast Dodger content but when ever a game is suppose to be broadcasted the channel switches off and says this game can not be shown. I'm missing Vinny's last games! Is there any picticular reason for that? And if I can't watch it through my box will the app be able to stream those games? Help me please I'm completely lost on this issue.

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Re: Dodgers games on sportsnet in San Diego

You can view available content a few ways. You must be in home to stream.

Time Warner Cable SportsNet LA


  1. In-market, in-home > Streaming available with all programming
  2. In-market, out-of-home > No streaming available
  3. Out-of-market, in-home > Streaming available, but games blacked out
  4. Out-of-market, out-of-home > No streaming available


In accordance with Major League Baseball’s (MLB) broadcast territory rules, live games and some other network programming will be blacked out, as was the case with the teams’ previous TV broadcast partner stations.


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Re: Dodgers games on sportsnet in San Diego