Clear QAM in Maine?

I just got a new TV and was pleasantly surprised to see it had a Clear QAM tuner. I plugged it into the coax jack on the wall and did a channel scan, but the available channels seem...erratic. i get the second and third feeds for the main networks, no Fox, and all PBS. And a smattering of home shopping and religious channels.


Is there any way to get the basic broadcast channels short of subscribing to an expensive TV tier? I used to have a broadcast antenna, which worked well when it worked (though didn't get Fox), but I like not having the clutter of extra equipment. Thanks!


Re: Clear QAM in Maine?

There is no use for any sort of supposedly "CABLE READY" including clear qam sets.

TWC's plan is for all channels to be encrypted QAM, you have straglers that they haven't changed yet., You will need either a DTA or a cable box for starter and standard tiers.


Put an antenna on it for local channels and use an HDMI cable to go to the box