Channel lineups: Bulk account vs personal account

Hi, I talked to support about this and the answer I got made no sense.

I live in an apartment where internet and cable are provided as part of the rent (a "bulk account").  I get basic cable, HBO, Showtime, and some mix of additional channels.


The ONLY way I can see these channels is to NOT log in to my personal account.  The Spectrum apps default to a "community login" when you sign out of your personal account (something I found out by accident when the app was updated).


Once I log in to my personal account, I lose access to everything but basic cable.  If I then log out of my personal account, I see everything again.  I keep being told "bulk account" like that's supposed to mean something.  If that's true, I should see nothing with my personal account as all my services derive from the buik account.


You might say, so what?  Well, some things, like parental controls, require a personal account to use.  if I wanted to put PC on Showtime, I can't do it because I lose access to Showtime when I log in to my personal account.


Can anyone living in an apartment with a bulk contract confirm they see pay channels on the Spectrum app (or Spectrumtv.com) when logged into their personal contract?


Regards, Patrick

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Re: Channel lineups: Bulk account vs personal account

Wow Patrick,


This is strange.  What do you have when you log into your personal account?  And when you are logged into your personal account, what channels are locked out on your cable box?


Condos/ apartment managers have their own cable configurations, but that is strange to have to log into your account to see your services?


Do you get a cable bill?  Or is this just part of the lease that is set by management?  What levels of service do you get at your place?  A mod might request that you PM our help specialists to look at this issue in more detail.



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Re: Channel lineups: Bulk account vs personal account

Hi @PJX   There are several questions.


There are several different configurations for Bulk Accounts that are provided by your management. In most cases you would need to have both Spectrum Internet in your name, on your personal account AND video service to be eligible. Because you have a Bulk account there we make some accommodation and allow a login so that you can make use of the video account that is in effect sold to you with your rent. 


If you have extra, premiums etc that are billed direct to you, those normally would be tied to your personal account login as they are not technically part of the Bulk account. 


If you have both Internet and video service as part of your rent, through the bulk account, you would receive them from the Bulk account login. 


In essence it depends on what services you pay for and what services are paid for through the Bulk account.


I would recommend contacting our specialists to find out what you are entitled to and how.     833-697-7328



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Re: Channel lineups: Bulk account vs personal account

Thanks for the replies.  I'll try calling again.  The apt mgmt gave us a specific number so I'll try that.