Channel guide to print

Whwew can I find it?  Please with specifics, web address, etc.


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The following works for me......

Go to following link and enter your address and zipcode and then select "VIEW CHANNEL LINEUP".  A new screen will appear and there you can select "Printable View" and then "print".


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My above answer is for Channel lineup which I believe is what you are really asking about.


However if it is really a channel guide showing channels and what on at specific times you can go to follwoing link and customize for your location but it would be one heck of a document to print:

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This works for me:


1.) Go to Private Mode in your browser (Incogneto Mode on Chrome.)

2.) Go to

3.) Way at the bottom of the page will be an "Explore Spectrum" section find and click "Channel Lineup."

4.) Enter your street address and zip code

5.) You can view channels by Category or Package.

6.) If you are still on a legacy TWC plan- Select the "I have TV service before January ,X, 2017" option for TWC Packages

7.) You will than see your channel line up.  Filter it how you want.

8) Select "Printable View"

9.) Print your channel lineup.