Can't access TV shows from their websites; Blocked by Spectrum

I'm not understanding why I have to sign in through my internet provider to view the shows on sites like the Travel Channel or SyFy.  I only subscribe for internet, so Spectrum blocks me from viewing their content because they want me to purchase the service. If a channel puts privately owned shows on their website for free viewing over the internet that I already pay for, how can YOU prevent me from viewing them? I pay for internet service and the shows are on the internet so I why can't I watch?  Are you all in cahoots to just make billions and billions of more dollars so poor dorks like me can't watch any TV at all? When I had TV, I only watched like 3 channels regulary because all the other programming was garbage. And now you've gone and broken my heart all for the sake of squeezing another almighty dollar out of me. What a shame!


Re: Can't access TV shows from their websites; Blocked by Spectrum

Internet service and television service are two completely separate things.  It's not Spectrum blocking you, it's the networks that want you to subscribe to their programming.  They verify that you are actually a subscriber to their content by having you log in using your cable provider credentials.