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Bought On Demand movies dont show as purchased

Why doesn't OD content I've selcted or purchased show up marked as such? If I buy a movie and have to pause for more than a min or 2, or stop it (intending to resume watching later or on the other DVR) I get kicked back to the on demand home menu, and have to go thru the process of finding, selecting, and then "buying" that same movie again, and then restart it from the beginning. I say "buy" bc no matter how many times I select and agree to "buy" a movie within the rental period (24/48hrs usually) I'm only charged once for it on my bill.
It's more just incredibly irritating than an actual problem, however with as much as I'm paying for service I would like it work like it should.
Suggestions or any help would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Bought On Demand movies dont show as purchased

We apologize for any service issues.  There is an option to "resume" playback.  Please try restarting the cable box, to ensure that it is has been updated.   I've also included a link to TV  Equipment Support that you may find helpful.  


If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 


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