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Ugh. Frustrating.
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Re: Basic cable stations missing

If her newer tv is digital-ready, does she still need new equipment? Tech tried telling me that, but my tv is brand new & digital ready.


Re: Basic cable stations missing

By any chance, do y'all live in an area where Starter TV (aka Basic Cable) has been encrypted?????


I ask because my area was affected by this on 30 June, less than a week after we were digitized. When it happened, all the OTA-available channels that my TV could pick up no longer exist. If you do, then you're gonna need either CableCARD or set-top box - with or without DVR capability - to access your subscription. [And yes, the FCC says so.] Either that, or you may need to have an antenna pro install an antenna so you can access them independently of your cable services.




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