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Antenna TV Listings For "The Jeffersons" do Not Show in Search

Dear Spectrum,


For the past several weeks on Antenna TV in the Metro Milwaukee Wisconsin market, the Gracenote programing data search results are messed up for Antenna TV''s showings of The Jeffersons in the Metro Milwaukee area. Specifically, I am in Brookfield, WI.  Zip is 53045.


When doing a B button search, all of the listings only show programing for the Black Starz/Encore channel.  Because I don 't get the Starz/Encore channels, I cannot test out that data.  However, none of Antenna TV's listings of The Jeffersons show in the search, with the exception of one episode in early February


For testing purposes, my box is a Cisco 9865 DVR,  The Time Grid Data is not affected by this listings bug, only the B-button search for The Jeffersons episodes on Antenna TV. A recent cold reboot of the box on an unrelated matter did not resolve this listing bug.





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Re: Antenna TV Listings For "The Jeffersons" do Not Show in Search



Thanks for the information.  We will pass it along to the correct team for follow-up.  If we should need additional information, we will reach out in a Private Message.  


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