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Within the last few days Ads are now appearing on the guide. Specifically one for LA’s Finest. Cuts the amount of channels you can see in half. For such a pricy service we shouldn’t have to deal with this. One more reason to push me away from my cable subscription.

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In my guide it reduces the channels from 7 to 5.  I agree it is very annoying.

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Thank you for your feedback on this. We appreciate the time you have taken to 

join us here in the forums to let us know how you are feeling about the advertisement.


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I totally agree.  We just had a rate increase and now they want to put ads on the channel guide.  It really ticks me off.  Google is looking better and better.  Spectrum you are greedy a--hats. I started shopping around yesterday.  You pretty much just pushed my last button.  


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They just  started this In my area, I can only see two dam channels because of their advertisement.  If they want to force us to see their ads then cable should be free. Why am I paying for this garbage if it is now going to be advertisements. Anyone have a better suggestion than complaining with the BBB?