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A Premium Channel Price List and Question?

Hi Spectrum,


Is there a link to an ala-carte price list for premium channels?  For reference, I encourage most customers to take a Silver or Gold Plan to get their premium channels discounted.


Also, can customers subscribe to channels such as Starz and Epix individually, or do you have to subscribe to the Gold Tier to get them at all?


I know that subscribing to Digi Tier 1 and Digi Tier 2 gives subscribes all Gold channels except the premiums.





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Re: A Premium Channel Price List and Question?

Yes.  Go to the rate card lookup page:



On my system, the premiums ( Starz, StarzEncore, HBO, Cinemax, SHO, TMC, and Epix) are $15.00 each per month a-la-carte.  StarterTV (and the fees that go with it) is the minimum level of service required to add any a-la-carte programming.


So yes, it is in your best financial interest to bundle to get premiums unless you want to add one or two premiums on top of STARTER TV.