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Re: cable cards

Good morning.


To use a cable card and TiVo you will need to have a tuning adapter, not a digital adapter.


You will not need to pay for a DVR or DVR service with the cable card and tuning adapter.


If you would like to contact us directly for assistance in getting this sorted out

we can be reached at



Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum

We can set up a callback for you to get the correct equipment ordered for you.


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Re: cable cards

I'm just a customer who volunteers to help users resolve their connectivity problems, so I'll let you handle the "get technical" part.  You can certainly file a complaint with the FCC or with your state's Public Utilities Commission, but if you want to get some resolution sooner, let the moderator work her magic after the Labor Day holiday. 


Re: cable cards

i have been a customer since the july. and if you really want to get techical about it it's illegal for them not to give you a cable card and they can be fined for it!!! i bet filing an FCC complaint would get there attention!!! 

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Re: cable cards

It sounds like you signed up as a new Spectrum subscriber, as opposed to having an existing legacy (pre-merger) account at Time-Warner Cable.  There are numerous operating differences between the two companies.  You should work with a moderator such as @Julia_R to try to resolve your specific CableCard subscription issue.  Also, there is a separate phone number for CableCard support which Julia can provide.


cable cards

i bought a tivo yesturday hoping to keep the service. but after lasts nights call to customer service i doubt that i will remain with spectrum once my promotions are up!!! i want to know why i cannot have a cable card since i am not a grandfarthered in TWC customer??? and then the agent told me that i would need a digital adapter on top of it all as well as i would have to pay spectrum for there dvr service why should i pay spectrum for there dvr service when i paid tivo for there's??? and again all of this if she was willing to send me out a cable card wich she was not willing to do because i am not a qoute on qoute grandfarthered in TWC customer. unreal i just can't belive it my other provider had no issues giving me a cable card for when i vacaton in another state