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Re: Tuning Adapter not really necessary?

Things may change in the future. Channel spectrums and such may still be in limbo. Over the air broadcast still has a few more phases of transition (my market is scheduled to complete in September). Who knows if/when things may change in the digital cable side of things well.

Re: Tuning Adapter not really necessary?

It all depends on what channels the headend has set up on switched digital video.  Since you either don't subscribe to a package with many SDV channels or just don't miss anything on SDV in your package, you can ditch the tuner adapter if you want.


Tuning Adapter not really necessary?

I have a HDHomeRun Prime... got my cablecard and played around with that for a couple of days.  Then I finally received the Tuning Adapter.  Since the TA decided to go into "blink continuously forever" mode, I decided to go through all my cable channels on the normal cable box while steping through the channels at the same time on the iPad HDHomeRun Prime app.  Much to my surprise, without the TA I was only missing ONE channel... the SEC Network!  And since I hate the SEC, it hardly seemed worth the effort to continue to waste my time on the TA.


So... is it normal that I should have all but ONE channel without the TA?  I was expecting to be missing many more.  I'm giving the TA back tomorrow.  Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.