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Re: Tivo bolt

Got Tivo Bolt.

TWC installed cable card in my Bolt.  The first card didn't work.  The second one did.  Apparently, Tivo Bolts and TWC are rare in San Diego since this was cable installers first Tivo in 2 years.

The second card worked - and picture looks much better than ATT I had before. 

Now the problems.

- Needed tunining adapter to get HBO and other channels. Must be the digital ones I suppose.  Drove to TWC picked up tuning adapter which is free.  

- Put in tuning adapter and needed to call TWC (wait time 5 min... not too bad.)  The boot times and/or communication for this tuning adapter seem to be in the 5 min range. 

- HBOch 518 works!

- After some time, less than 1 day, some the HBO 518 is just black.   I reset Tivo and tuning adaper. Got it to work once, but now tying to figure out the mojo for resets or if something went bad.

- Another problem is the Wifi cuts out from time to time. 

- Not sure the switch from ATT to TWC is worth it yet.  Picture is better, but wifi was rock solid with ATT.   Probably wishing I just rented TWC DVR box - but will fight it for a few days to see if I can get it to work.

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Re: Tivo bolt

I'm also in the DFW area,  and I've got a Tivo Bolt with a TWC cable card and tuning adapter hooked up.  No problems here.


Re: Tivo bolt

I'm in Buffalo with a Bolt and TWC.   I initially hooked it up without a tuning adaptor.  It did work but only with some channels.  


Apparently (in a nutshell), TWC uses a digital switching technology that allows them to send multiple channels over the bandwidth that would normally be used for a single channel.  Without the tuning adaptor many channels simply are not accessible.  Yes, it's larger than a cablebox and terribly ugly but it's needed.  


PS: I first noticed that channels didn't come in when I was unable to tune into ESPN.  


We really like and have enjoyed the Bolt. It's lightyears better than TWC's DVR!  


Re: Tivo bolt

I currently have a TIVO bolt, yes you will need a cable card and tuner both items are covered under the cable card price 2.50-4.00 depending on region.


The tuner is needed for the channels that are Switched Digital Video. Most of your channels will work just fine but you will have a black screen for the SDV channels because the TIVO cannot request the channel itself.


I currently have a Bolt and 2 TIVO mini's and its the best purchase I ever made. Interface is way faster then TWC hardware. Easier to troubleshoot signal issues. The quality of picture is much better.


Yes you will loose PPV, On Demand, Start Over, Lookback.




Re: Tivo bolt

In DFW, the Cable adapter will not work with TiVO.  I could get most of the channels but the digital channel like Fox Sports will not work.  I have had TWC repair out several times to resolve the issue and finally one of the techs told me that TWC will not supply a fix to use with Tivo.  Aparantly they are trying to force you to rent there equipment like Direct TV. 


I had planned to upgrade to the Bolt but, I don't think it is a good option any longer.

Re: Tivo bolt

So I called Time Warner, I'm in SW Ohio, I called twice, both CS reps so you did NOT need a tuning adapter. I made one of them check with their supervisor, and they said I didn't need it. Ugh. Got my cable card. Will test later today.

Re: Tivo bolt

It's not going to do much without a cablecard inserted and tuning adapter connected...



Tivo bolt

I'm all set to make the switch to Tivo, but now I've found a few things making me second guess. I've called both Tivo and tw and neither mentioned a tuning adapter. Do I need that with the bolt? How much does it cost? Also, I'm now reading you lose PPV and on demand. Is this true? Thanks for the help!