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Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

@MsRaye wrote:

TWC/ Spectrum is correct... PREMIUM CHANNELS ARE NOT AVAILABLE on ONE WAY devices like Tuning adapters and direct connected sets without a box.

You should only get the starter/standard tier  ch's below 70 or so.


That’s interesting, because I’ve been getting premium channels through a TA for years. But recently, Spectrum started messing with the frequencies for syncing the TA, and all my premiums disappeared. Took them days to admit the problem and at least a week to fix it. By theen, I’d dropped all premiums except Epix, which is part of my basic package (because of a promotion).


Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

I appreciate your signal crusade. What exactly should I be telling Spectrum to do regarding signal at street? I can of course replace the amp. Do you have a suggestion? At the time I got that one, passive return was deemed to be correct.


As far as the splitter goes, it's a 5/5/5, and bypassing shows no difference in behavior.



Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

This thread is all hosed up... Somehow the earlier posts are on page 1...

 You need to

Bypass the 3 way splitter and see if one TA setup now works.

This indeed is installed wrong, with a single direction downstream only amp, there is not reliable US levels for the TA's to work, the techs should of known that, I'll also bet that the dvr is on the 3 way's -3.5 port and the ta receivers on the -7 ports...  Even a -5 -5 -5 3 way would still make levels marginal


The amp needs to be replaced with a bidirectional active return one and  3 seperate runs of RG6 to the 3 devices to remove the 3 way splitter.

I get sick and tired of bad and incorrect installs that have supposedly worked fine for years.

The cable co's have all added/ changed channels and now that everythings qam 256 and soon to go to QAM1024, The old distribution is no longer useable.

 Next issue is that TWC/Spectrum is cutting off all the analog channels Nov 7th and will be moving more channels around, and I expect hundreds of posts here from the "but it's worked fine for 20 years" people. How many 10 year old cars are still on the road without any repairs done on them?





Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

I'm not sure I understand most of your wiring questions or why the modem has any relevance here, but the setup is as follows.


Street comes to a whole house distribution amp with passive return that sends to 5 or 6 rooms (specifically this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000WDR94U/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1). That amp has been in use for years at a different resdience and now here. The unused connectors are terminated. In the room with the TAs, there's a single splittler from that amp feed that 3-way splits to the 2 TAs and a Time Warner DVR. Tech replaced this splitter with his own just to be safe on that one. As you said the TA's out is connected to the in on the Tivos. No splitters there obviously.


The modem (not in the same room) hangs directly off the amp.


Nothing's changed in house wiring or really signal strength in the last week. I suppose it's possible TAs are on the edge of usability, but I'd sort of expect them not to lock a all if it was a signal strength issue.


And for the record other SDV channels do work, just not the premium tier.


Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

Your levels ARE NOT GOOD!

The TA's upstream level will be out of spec .

Do the math...

Modem  +8dBmv  downstream = +49 dBmv upstream required to level

TA               -2 dBmv downstream =  +59 dBmv upstream required to level, They will usually work at +54dBmv and die at + 58 dBmv.

 Your inhouse wiring is wrong...

 Please describe the splitter arraingement and where the modem is splitterwise, what the 2 way it's on second port goes to  and if that splitter has any unterminated ports.

It appears the outside levels are horribly imballanced and only allow 2 devices to be connected and that indeed is a TWC issue

A TA is nothing more than a modem with an internal 2 way 3.5 dB loss splitter and a USB comm port.  the TA's out port must go to the cable boxes in port and not be using incorrect external 2 way splitters.

This needs 2 things done... First, Spectrum needs to fix the levels at the street.

Next, they need to replace the splitters with a 0 dB loss bidirectional amplifier so that there's no loss in the upstream path.

 That's why the SDV channels arent working, the TA modem can't get thru to request them.

TWC/ Spectrums solution will blame it on your device and of course it will work better with one of their cable boxes since there's not that additional 3.5 dB loss splitter in the TA's.

Can you post a drawing or photo of the splitter arraingements?



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Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

In speaking with one of our Cable Card Specialists, she indicates this is a problem

with the TA not the signal levels. 


If you will please PM our private mailbox at  Forums_Help  we will be able to assist you.


Please include your account number and verification of your address to begin. 



We hope to hear from you soon.


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Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

Tech verified good signal. The TA itself has diagnostics that show QAM freq as 693.0000, Level -2dBmV, S/N 37dB


But for reference, here's modem stats:


Downstream 132645.00 MHz7.50 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM105396678712797
Downstream 212525.00 MHz9.40 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM620238890120
Downstream 317555.00 MHz8.40 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM61254414180
Downstream 419567.00 MHz7.90 dBmV38.98 dB256QAM637945810220
Downstream 520573.00 MHz8.30 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM630840358240
Downstream 621579.00 MHz8.00 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM637400666210
Downstream 722585.00 MHz7.90 dBmV38.98 dB256QAM645088281210
Downstream 824597.00 MHz7.70 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM649002952105162
Downstream 925603.00 MHz8.20 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM65471186579171
Downstream 1026609.00 MHz7.90 dBmV40.95 dB256QAM682131746115143
Downstream 1127615.00 MHz7.40 dBmV38.61 dB256QAM69892950499146
Downstream 1228621.00 MHz7.80 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM65754752586141
Downstream 1329627.00 MHz7.20 dBmV38.98 dB256QAM654691649102132
Downstream 1430633.00 MHz7.70 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM67668834791120
Downstream 1531639.00 MHz7.40 dBmV38.98 dB256QAM69103033899117
Downstream 1610513.00 MHz9.30 dBmV40.37 dB256QAM62307107633





Upstream 1437.00 MHz49.00 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)2560 kSym/s64QAM
Upstream 2119.40 MHz47.25 dBmVDOCSIS1.x (TDMA)2560 kSym/s16QAM
Upstream 3330.60 MHz48.25 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM
Upstream 4224.20 MHz47.75 dBmVDOCSIS2.0 (ATDMA)5120 kSym/s64QAM

Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

Ok, I missunderstood as well. TA's with CC's are a 2 way device and can request SDV channels which include premiums.

But, they need proper signal levels and you might not have them.

Copy and paste your modems signal level and error log pages. Describe where the modem is , splitter wise, to the tv hookups and how they're wired. Sounds like a US issue



Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

I'm not trying to make this a "Spectrum sucks" type of thread. I'm just trying to get functionality back to what I had previously. Tech came out, verified good signal, etc. His supervisors said it should all work (explicitly said premiums should work on CC and TA). They're going to try swapping TAs and CCs on a future visit.


Regarding Spectrum vs. TWC ... I wouldn't mind swapping to one of their packages but I currently have 300/30 net. Spectrum won't offer me anything over 100 down for some reason, so swapping to their package is not an option.


Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

I should also point out that I if I yank the TAs and just go straight to the cable card, I DO get the channels, just not in their right HD format.