Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

So why has this setup worked fine for me for the last 5 years through the Cisco TAs? This is not something new I'm trying to get to work, it's something that's been stable for a long time until they've apparently broken something.

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Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

Premium channels were never available with The Cisco Digital Adapters given out on my market. When they hit the street five years ago, it was explicitly mentioned that they would only tune channels which were part of TWC’s standard digital tier. No premiums. No pay-per-view. No out of market sports. No on demand.

If you want to duplicate premium programming, you will need a full set top box. You will pay $11.95 per month to rent one. You might consider moving to a Spectrum plan, as their pricing is favorable when you get multiple premium channels. Buck check first, as you may lose some channels in the switch to spectrum.


Nevermind... I thought you were writing about the the Cisco HD710 Digital Adapters, not a tuning adapter to send a signal back to the head end...


The problem is probably a Switched Digital Video problem.  Your TA is requesting a channel from the head end to be sent, but there isn't any bandwidth available to do it.  HD channels take up about 6x the amount of bandwidth as a SD channel.  So it is possible the bandwidth that was available for the past 5 years has been re-allocated to provide internet service.  As such, the "higher" HD channels are like an old "Party Line" on a telephone...  If your TA requests the channel, and there is no bandwidth, it simply doesn't tune it.  You will have better luck when less people are using the system, which is probably why it disappears during morning drive time and comes back mid-morning.  The SD feeds may be sent constantly down the pipe, but not the HD feeds.  Your DVR box is probably only set to record the HD feed...


Re: TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

TWC/ Spectrum is correct... PREMIUM CHANNELS ARE NOT AVAILABLE on ONE WAY devices like Tuning adapters and direct connected sets without a box.

You should only get the starter/standard tier  ch's below 70 or so.



TAs showing "temporarily unavialable" for all channels

Recently both my TAs are showing "temporarily unavialble" for all premium channels. If I look at my TWC (Spectrum) account, it shows them both as disconnected (even after refresh) even though they're both locked on and have solid green lights.


Support told me "sorry premium channels aren't available on tuning adapters" which is of course not true.


How do I get Specrum to fix this?