Re: NBCSN Extra Time channels missing from guide - NC

I worked around this issue by using Guide Tool to manually add the missing channels from my cable tuner to the media center listings per the following:


The issue is that the guide data TWC provides Rovi (the guide provider used by Windows Media Center) does not include channels 420-424. I confirmed with a neighbor these channels are available on a regular cable box.

I encourage TWC to fix this issue for remaining CableCARD customers with network cable tuners such as the homerun prime. Windows Media Center continues to be the only PC media center solution that allows viewing of CableCARD encrypted channels.

NBCSN Extra Time channels missing from guide - NC

I am a CableCARD customer with an HD HomeRun Prime tuner located in Raleigh, NC.



About 3-4 months back, the NBCSN Extra Time channels 420-424 disappeared from the Windows Media Center guide. When running a channel scan on the tuner, it is able to pick up the channels in its scan, however since they're missing from the Media Center guide I'm not able to view them.


TWC has three guides for my area, some of which show the channels, some that do now:


The following guides show the channels:


  1. The latest PDF channel listings for my area (Displayed as 'Additional Sports Programming'):


2. The TWC TV guide shows the channels, labeled as 'NBCEXH1 - NBCEXH5'



The following guide does not show the channels:


This is the same for any NC based ZIP code that is entered.


Also, the NBC Sport Game Finder (http://www.nbcsports.com/content/game-finder) confirms my zip code should be receiving channels 420-424 via TWC.


Why have these channels been removed from the Windows Media Center guide? This guide is controlled by TWC, therefore I do not have the ability to manually add these channels back in.