Re: Honolulu - not getting Encore movie channels 1666-1670, 666-673 on Roamio Pro

I obtained the replacement CableCARD today - it's a Cisco, and my old one was Scientific Atlanta. There was no mention of a two-way functionality on the card.


The agent assured me that the new card would be bound to my account, and all channels would work upon installation. Of course, that wasn't true. I needed to call customer service, give them the Host ID and CableCard ID numbers, and then wait a while for my display adapter/premium channels to be authorized.  So frustrating!!!!!


After another period of frustration, at least I have the Encore channels working now. I wish I had known I needed another CableCARD when I had placed the order!


Honolulu - not getting Encore movie channels 1666-1670, 666-673 on Roamio Pro

I ordered the Encore movie channels yesterday, and they were immediately available on my TWC set-top box.  They still do not appear on my Roamio Pro.


I rebooted both the TiVo and the SDV Tuning Adapter hoping that would solve the problem. When it didn't, I called local tech support and spent about 45 minutes with a Tier 1 agent trying to confirm that the CableCARD was authorized with the new channels.


When nothing worked, she claimed to have received a message from a supervisor stating that my M-card CableCARD wasn't able to decode those channels, and that I needed a two-way CableCARD. 


There was talk about 2-way upgrades in CableCARDs a few years ago, but I thought those advancements never materialized; and it is the device, not the CableCARD, that handles any two-way capability.


Can someone who knows about this stuff help me?


I've been spending way too much time with TWC support lately. Beginning about 4 weeks ago, my tuning adapter wasn't displaying SDV channels. I probably spent 3 hours on the phone with various support agents in USA and India, and 3 sets of technicians came out to try to fix the problem. Fortunately, the third group of technicians (3 weeks after the problem was first reported) discovered that I wasn't getting 2 of the 4 SDV carriers, and traced it to a rogue high-pass filter somewhere in my apartment building.


So, I'm pretty sure my problem with getting the Encore channels isn't signal or hardware-related.