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In Louisville I have a Romio and 2 XL4s . I don't use a tunning adaptor and have no problem receiving Epix


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I did have a tuning adapter. I did have the Epix channels in my Tivo channels list, but no joy!
What drove me away from Twc was that two different twc techs told me that customers buy the Tivo Bolt so they don't have to pay cable box fees, and that cable cards are technically inferior to current cable boxes.

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You never mentioned if you had a TUNING ADAPTER attached to your TIVO Bolt.


I have a TIVO Roamio, the previous model, with CableCard, and a TUNING ADAPTER.  I get my TWC out of Akron, OH for use in NW Pennsylvania.  Figured I should mention that.


Anyway, you NEED A TUNING ADAPTER with the TIVO, and CABLECARD in order to receive all the channels you subscribe too.  The ONLY channels that are unavailable to TIVO users are the VOD(Video on Demand), and PPV(Pay Per View) channels.  


I had EPIX about 6 months ago as part of  new package.  All I had to do was add those channels to my TIVO lineup(within Settings>Channels>Lineup>Put a check next to the EPIX Channels).


After a quick call to the SPECIFIC TIVO/CABLECARD TWC phone #(they SPECIFICALLY handle TIVO for TWC), they sent the signal to my TUNING ADAPTER, which decoded the channels for my TIVO, and they were there.


A couple of weeks later, I decided I did not like my currrent deal with TWC, and wanted another/better one.  I got one, which did NOT include EPIX, which I did not care about, they removed them from my lineup.  They stopped coming through to my TIVO, so I removed them from my lineup.




The only channels that won't work are the VOD, and PPV channels.  That's it.  Even things like MLB Extra Innings works, as long as you let TWC know that they need to decode them through the CableCard/Tuning Adapter.


The Phone number to contact for TIVO/CableCard/Tuning Adpater problems is:




It should STILL work.  If not, Oh well.  But these people SPECIFICALLY deal with TIVO/TWC/CableCard/Tuning Adpater issues


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Unfortunately NO.. Dynamic channels like Epix are not supported on cable cards, so I am told..

My hope is that Tivo gets smart and does a deal with Slingbox, so the cable card interface will no longer be needed, as channels will be available from the Internet. Cable companies don't like the cable card, and make that apparent with poor and limited service on cable card systems...

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Were you able to resolve this? I too have a new Bolt, with Cable Card, and want to tune into Epix, which is part of my TWC package.


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I believe this is a limitation of the cable card technology. Epix are switched channels and the card dies not handle these kinds of channels. I am in my 30 day window, so getting twc Uninstalled and sticking with direcTV

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I have a TiVo premier and my prices went up which included the epix stations and I don't get any of them either. Is it a Time Warner issue or a TiVo issue?
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Sorry to hear about the missing Epix channels, @dblml320.  We ask that you please private message the account information to us at this link so we may further assist.


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Epix Channels and Tivo Bolt

Finally have our Tivo Bolt running on a TWC Cable card. We appear to receive all the 70 channels in the package, with the exception of the Epix channels, which are promised in this package. 


The Tech did everything except stand on his head, but he could not get those channels enabled. 

Anyone else have this issue, and have a solution?