Re: Cable Card-TiVo in particular.

This is true in NW Pennsylvania as well.

You MUST rent the CableCard and Tuning Adapter from TWC.

I think this "may" be because when I went to get mine at our local office about 8 months ago to put into my TIVO Roamio, the CC and Tuning Adapter were "LINKED" together somehow.

Meaning they came in the same package, were scanned, and LINKED to each other somehow.

When I got them home, I hooked them up, called a different 800 # for TWC that was SPECIFICALLY CREATED for CableCard/Tuning Adapter calls for New Users/Setup.

Got everything up and running with no problems.

Still DO NOT LIKE IT though. The tuning adapter that is. The TIVO Roamio, and CableCard work GREAT.

But that Tuning Adapter is just a PIA. It is just another device that gets LOCKED UP, or broken down in the "CHAIN" that causes problems with recordings every now and then.

Wish there was a way to get rid of it. Unfortunately not with TWC, or whomever owns them.

Moving more towards SHAVING the cord anyway. Just ISP/OTA HD will be more than enough IMHO anymore, anyway.

Re: Cable Card-TiVo in particular.

According to TWC in Buffalo, NY they do not allow you to buy a cable card or tuning adaptor.  You must use their old style Cisco M cards and adaptors.  


Re: Cable Card-TiVo in particular.


Re: Cable Card-TiVo in particular.

Is your Cisco M-Card from the cable company? TEC Charlotte told me I could not buy my own cable card and have to continue renting theirs! Is this true?

Re: Cable Card-TiVo in particular.

Tivo accepts the most widely used cable cards. The problem more so is the cable company's don't keep the firmware updated on the cards and expect the end user to update when going though the TIVO guided setup. I waited almost an hour for my cable card to update the firmware. After that was completed had no issues.


Currently using a TIVO Bolt and Cisco M-Card. I wish I would have done it sooner!!




Cable Card-TiVo in particular.

Ok, I've read some of the problems people are having with the Cable Cards for TiVo. Why isn't TiVo responsible for making a product that is not simpatico with the cable company.this seems idiotic and insane that this problem is so prevalent and TiVo doesn't appear to have any response to it? 

Is it me or what?

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