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Re: Cable Card Nightmare

Good morning @skisail


I am sorry to hear the experience has been such a frustrating one. I'm glad to hear

that your feedback has been submitted. 


Services are working as they should be now? 


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Cable Card Nightmare

I'm a  seasonal Spectrum internet and tv subscriber in Rockland ME.  I use an HDHomerun Prime. When I re-subscribed in May, the box was unable to receive any channels. We tried numerous cards, two tuning adapters andre-wired the house. Two different techs spent a total of 6 hours at my residence. Spectrum customer service and cable card service passed the buck and were stumped. A local tech ( who was on vacation earlier) realized that Spectrum had supplied two way cable cards which are imcompatible with my device. No one at national cable card support caught this.

In my frustration, I sent an email to the Charter VP in charge of customer service. She and her managers also passed the buck and were ineffective.

This drama took a month. Hopefully this might be helpful to someone else.