TV anywhere apps not working

I cannot sign into HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, Nick, Nick Jr., A&E, and TLC. Some say I am not subscribed even though I am and some give me the below error. Being it’s multiple apps, I believe this is a Spectrum issue. Can someone please confirm and give an update on any restoration efforts?

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We’re having trouble verifying your access to HBO GO with your TV provider.

We're sorry, you've reached the maximum number of users on your account. To watch TV on this device, please stop playback on another device.(Message: FQHBR07186)
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Re: TV anywhere apps not working

@Butters6744 , 


We apologize for any service issues.   We would ask you to contact us directly so we can get some additional information, including your name, address and account information,  in order to investigate further.  


Please contact us at one of the following: 


If the issue has been resolved,  you can reply back on this thread.