authorization email valid?

I received this email and want to know if it is a phishing scam.  The email address is Spectrum Communications <>

We need your Authorization

We recently released new features for Spectrum Email with an enhanced spam filtering database and an increase to local storage for email attachments,favorite documents,photos etc up to 10GB. In accordance with our privacy-rights, we need your authorization to apply this latest updates to your Spectrum Email.

It is important that you give us your authorization to apply this latest updates on or before March 20, 2019, we may temporarily suspend incoming messages until we receive your permission to maintain security.

You may let us know that you received this message and allow us apply this latest updates by  Signing In to the E-consent area.

If you are having issues signing in or have any other questions, please contact us at 888-438-2427.

Thanks for being a valued Charter customer.

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Re: authorization email valid?

Based on the From/Return e-mail address and the "Signing In" link referencing an HTML document at Google Docs, I'd say hit the delete button.





Re: authorization email valid?

Since the email address has a domain with a .de for the country designator (Germany), I think that is a good indicator it is a scam. I don’t think Spectrum is using German email servers.