ZDNET Articles Says Arris SB6141 Bug Causing Denial of Service Attached due to Firmware Bug??

There is an article on zdnet today stating 135 million owners of the Arris SB6141 are vulnerable to denial of service attached due to a bug dating back to 2008.  Here is the article.  Arris claims they just did a firmware update to correct this flaw so I'm trying to find out what the latest firmware version is for the SB6141?  When I access my modemm, here is the information provided:  It definitely worries me that the info below shows the last firmware update as having been pushed way back in March 2014.


Model Name: SB6141
Vendor Name: Motorola
Firmware Name: SB_KOMODO-
Boot Version: PSPU-Boot(25CLK)
Hardware Version: 7.0
Serial Number: 348781228820608308020001
Firmware Build Time: Mar 6 2014 15:23:55

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Re: ZDNET Articles Says Arris SB6141 Bug Causing Denial of Service Attached due to Firmware Bug??

That really isn't a problem on TWC, it allows you to reset the modem and get a fresh provisioning file. It also requires you to disconnect the coax for it to work. If you're at that point, the modem already has an issue with something beyond it, very few if any reset commands actually fix connectivity issues.

This author is simply reposting someone elses article and never tried to duplicate the supposed vulnerability.

If it even is a vulnerability... 

This  can only be done from the lan-users side and yes, there's a lot of dumb consumers, like the Ren and Stimpy "don't push the button" episode....

 And yes you can reset the modem in the HW ver 8 2015 firmware version 6141's

It's there to avoid sending out a technician if the modem get's corrupted.  only solution is to remove the reset url from the comand table in the firmware

I'd rather see a red button on the back, lol.

This is not a DOS attack as the author claims.. DOS attacks are from the wan side.  I don't think this guy has a clue....