Wifi security weakness

Just saw a news feature on tv this evening there's a "weakness" in Internet wifi security at the provider/structural level. The report recommended that users avoid using internet via wifi as even changing modem password won't fix the problem. We should wait until a security patch has been installed. Is Spectrum aware of the problem and is something being done? Thanks, JCK.

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Re: Wifi security weakness

It's going by the name KRACK, and you can look it up yourself if you're interested.  You could have a problem if someone is lurking within range of your WiFi router or access point, captures your authentication sequence and replays it appropriately, and you don't have the latest patches on your operating system (if applicable).


In general?  It's not going to be a concern to most people.

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WPA2 'Krack" Exploit - are patches for home routers in the works?

I read about the 'Krack' Wi-Fi security exploit all over the news today. I rely on Wi-Fi for home networking. Is Spectrum developing patches for residential customers' WPA2-based Wi-Fi routers? How and when will updates be communicated?

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Re: WPA2 'Krack" Exploit - are patches for home routers in the works?

I am NOT a spokesperson for Spectrum, but I'll pass along what we've heard on various forums:  Each router manufacturer is working on patches for their specific devices; some have already released them to users of their routers.  If you have a combined modem + router gateway, whether you own or rent it, the patch has to be pushed into your device by Spectrum AFTER they get it from the manufacturer.  

You only need to patch one end of the WiFi link to fix the security flaw for that device connection.  Patching your router (not the modem) takes care of all devices using WiFi while in your home, but nowhere else.  Your phone is at risk until it gets its own security update from your phone service carrier.