Repeated Illegal download warnings

I keep repeatedly getting warnings about once a month or so that our TWC Internet has been used to illegally download something.  Today the acknowledgement message said it was my 4th warning.  I do not download anything, I don't even know where to do such a thing.  The only other person in the household is my husband and he's a trucker who isn't home enough to download anything illegally.  I've checked our computer as well as laptops to make sure they don't have any software on them and are secure.  My wifi and Internet connection are secure.  This didn't start until we moved to Bowling Green and brought our modem with us.  Our internet has been so bad the last two weeks we couldn't download anything even if we wanted to. Is there anything else I should check or do to keep this from happening?  I'm afraid if it keeps up TWC will not let us have service anymore.  


Re: Repeated Illegal download warnings

do you have some sort of wireless turned on in your router?

 Is it secure?


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Re: Repeated Illegal download warnings

If you are unsure as to what you or anyone else is doing on the internet in your home, that goes against time warner's acceptable use policy, I would recommend contacting Time Warner. Is there a contact number on that screen that appears? If so, I'd recommend that you call that department so that they can give you more information about what is going on. Eventually your internet service may get interrupted and possibly get suspended temporarily if the violations continue to occur.


Re: Repeated Illegal download warnings

I am having a similar problem and was advised that my computer, modem or router might have a "bot" . I have four computers, three wireless devices and the rare guest using my connection and all are allegedly protected by the latest security from Bitdefender and McAfee.

TWC makes no attempt to explain why they suspect such and infection and why the link that they provide does not work. My in house scans have shown nothing. I wonder if it is just traffic and their aged equipment that prompt the "Blockages". I can not get a response from TWC. Good luck.


Re: Repeated Illegal download warnings

If you are having issues with recieving Copywright warnings then there is a good chance that it can be a couple of issues. Typically when you recieve a warning it will tell you of what file you downloaded that caused the warning to pop up in the system or to have the company notify the company.


Issue 1 - Someone on your network without your knowing is downloading these files. In this case what I would suggest doing is logging into your "My Account" through and clicking on my internet, and changing your wifi password to something a bit more complicated such as a mixture of character, numbers, and symbols instead of the standards you have for your accounts. After this only give it out to trusted people, if you have any kids i would ask to check their devices for the file on the notice if there was one before you allow them to connect back to the network.


Issue 2 - Someone may be on your wifi without your knowladge and downloding the files and you will probably never know who it is. Number one thing is to change the password and reboot your router/modem. I say that to make sure it wipes everyone off of your wifi without question.


Expensive solution - Start the same basic way by changing your wifi, go out and buy a new router or modem that only lets you connect to it for the first time while its in pairing mode.


Any of the Issues or solutions are the primary ones that you typically could come across.  There are others I'm sure but those are the most straight forward and likely.