McAfee just charged me $75

I downloaded TWC's McAfee 2 months ago when I switched from my old internet provider.  Yesterday I got an email from McAfee saying they charged my credit card $75 auto-renewal for another year of protection.  I thought this protection was free for TWC Internet customers.


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My better half just got nailed as well on a debit card. We had a "normal" not TWC McAffee install on that computer, Mine all run Avast's free or $30 version.

, How did they get your credit/debit card number?

 Can you cancel the charge?



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it is free @  no idea why they charged you 75 bucks. whats even more concerning is how they got your credit card.  id call TW/Spectrum immediately and get this straightened out.  There's no way you have to pay anything for McAfee!

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Re: McAfee just charged me $75



If you have Windows 8, or Windows 10, I would dump McAfee and just use Windows Defender.  McAfee is very bloated and only offers average protection.  Windows Defender is very light-weight, fast, and very automatic.  Please follow my instructions for how to completely remove McAfee and use Windows Defender in it's place here:


If you have Windows 7, go with Microsoft Security Essentials, it's the same pretty much as Windows Defender.  On Windows 8 and Windows 10, Windows Defender is a full anti-virus program.  On Windows 7, Windows Defender is a malware blocker only.  Users who upgrade to Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7 will be automaticllly updated from Windows Defender to MSE.  Windows 7 users can download Microsoft Security Essentials here:   (Only For Windows 7.)


Important; Make sure you completely remove your competing anti-virus program software before installing a competitor.  Windows 7 users who download and install MSE will be automatically updated from Windows Defender.  But if you have competing AV like Avast, Macafee, Avira, AVG, you must remove that software first through Ad-Remove Programs before installing a different AV program.


Also install Adblock Plus on all your web browsers.  Just Google Search for it in each browser and install.  It blocks 99% of banner ads and bad links that can have viruses and malware.  It even blocks ads in You Tube Videos!



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Re: McAfee just charged me $75

@Satch wrote:



If you have Windows 8, or Windows 10, I would dump McAfee and just use Windows Defender. 




Windowsz Defenderf is not NEARLY good enough to be your only OR primary defense.


There are plenty of good choices, I use and really like 360totalsecurity free version.





Re: McAfee just charged me $75

I suspect the OP downloaded the premium version from McAffe rather than the free one from the TWC site...