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Re: Is this a phishing attempt or a legitimate email?



I can confirm that 1-855-222-7342 is a valid number for our Enterprise Risk Operations department.  The source of the issue can also be caused by malware or a virus.    


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Is this torrent warning from charter real or a phishing email?

Hello, can anyone verify the authenticity of this:

It was sent to my TWC account and real yahoo email from charter.  The emails match up, it came from


It's missing the "account #," at the beginning of the email, so this might be a phishing scam, but this is the actual "educational" email that is first sent a warning.  I'm sure nothing should have been downloaded in such a way.  Because how funky this email looks, is it real?



Account Number: #{Account Number}#

Dear Internet Customer;

It has been brought to our attention that your Internet service was recently used to improperly copy or share copyrighted content such as music, movies, video or software using Peer-to-Peer or Torrenting software.

As an Internet Service Provider, Charter Communications, doing business as Spectrum, is obligated to comply with copyright laws, as expressly stated in our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): By using Spectrum’s services, you agreed to this AUP. It is possible that this activity has occurred without your permission or knowledge by a minor who may not fully understand copyright laws, by an unauthorized user, or even as a result of a computer virus. We encourage you to install security software that prevents viruses. As an Internet customer, security software is included free of charge with your Internet service. To download security software on your computer, visit

Please take immediate action to stop this unauthorized activity. Repeated violation of Spectrum’s AUP may result in remedial action, up to and including suspension of your Internet service.

If you believe that the notices you have received are mistaken, or that the activities that are complained of are not copyright violations, you may submit a counter-notification. To submit a counter-notification, please email or call the number below and talk to a Security Specialist.

We have not shared any information about you with the content owner, nor will we unless we receive a subpoena or are otherwise required to do so by law or if you choose to file a counter-notification.

You can learn more about this alert and copyright violation by calling 1-855-222-7342, Sunday –Saturday, 6AM – 11PM MT.


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Re: Is this torrent warning from charter real or a phishing email?

It is legit.  I've seen (similar) before.


An owner of copyrighted material filed a complaint that the IP address associated with your account was file-sharing.


I am surprised that the actual material wasn't mentioned (i.e. - The music or movie allegedly being shared).


Is your yahoo email address also listed as a POC for the Spectrum account?


Be advised, they aren't asking you for any infomration, just to eliminate the file-sharing and refresh yourself with the Terms of Service.

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Re: Is this torrent warning from charter real or a phishing email?

Can confirm, this is legitimate.


Wether you were/were not torrenting, it was reported that your service device was used for such.


There are fairly lengthy processes drawn out to deal with these scenarios, so if you do believe it's in error, submit a counter-notification with Spectrum's Security or to validate it's claim properly call Spectrum Securitydirectly from the Spectrum Website.



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Re: Is this torrent warning from charter real or a phishing email?

do nothing trash the email and mark the address is spam

I used to get no less then 7 a month

its amusing that charter even forwards this spam to us

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Re: Is this torrent warning from charter real or a phishing email?


they use automated search bots to search torrent swarms for ip's the notices are written in a way to sound really scary because there is nothing they can do 


and as far as 'piracy' goes there is no way anybody can determine remotely if the content you allegenedly download hasn't already been paided for e,g a recently aired tv show on a channel you pay for 


a automated search bot is neither reliable nor a law enforcement agency in short they can fawks off 


 the fowarding system exists so isps can look like they give a fawk about piracy on paper,the reality is they don't and if they did they would have basicly no customers 


a acusation is also not legally binding so specturm legally can not take any action against you unless it goes to a court 


Re: Is this torrent warning from charter real or a phishing email?

I got the same email today. Looking at the various forum topics, it seems many others have received the same and there's uptick in these type of emails. Spectrum employee like Cxthulu are not denying these emails, and marking them as legit, but there is no account number in email, neither the file name in question.

I was only you tubing for last few days, wonder what did it find and where