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Copyright Strike Email

Just recieved a copyright infrigment letter from The letter says that "It has been brought to our attention that your Internet service was recently used to improperly copy or share copyrighted content such as music, movies, video or software using Peer-to-Peer or Torrenting software." but next to acct number there is no number and no where in the letter does it say what i have downloaded. What should i do. 


Re: Copyright Strike Email

Don't do it again... ignore the notice , especially the vague, catch all one.

Unless they tell you what was supposedly illegally transfered, they don't have any ground to stand on as they were sending those letters to peer to peer gamers... Also a device mac would be quite helpfull as thge entire copyright  monitoring is flawed and can be scammed/ pirated and addresses misdirected, like the phone caller ID's are. and no ones stopping them.




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Re: Copyright Strike Email



They would have sent you the IP address, date, time, and the filename of the package containing the "alleged" copyrighted data.  They would have also recommended legal way to obtain like programming.