Constant pop ups and buffering!

While using the WiFi on my laptop I can never seem to do anything due to the pop ups and it even changes the website I trying to use!!! Never had this issue with frontier....what's the deal????? And how do I stop it??? Can't even use the twc tv online...this is extremely frustrating considering I just switched to tw 2 days ago!!!! Fix the issue please!!!

Re: Constant pop ups and buffering!

Thjis crap started happenning  here today while on ebay... Political ads popping up and playing... Grrrr


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Re: Constant pop ups and buffering!


Let's try some checks for malware and adware:


1.) Update your Anti-Virus Definitions software and run a full scan.  Follow the prompts to deal with what it finds.


2.) Download and install Malware Byes Anti Malware- Get the free download only.  Uncheck the Trial version if prompted at installation.  You just want the On Demand Scanning.  Follow the prompts for what it finds:


3.) Download Adware Cleaner and install it.  This will help get pop-ups off your PC:


Follow the prompts.  Now close out of everything and reboot your machine.


Next, go to your favorite browser(s) and search for Ad Block Plus within them.  Download this wonderful Ad Blocker.  It will stop about 95% of ads on web pages and ads on You Tube as well!  You will need to do the steps above first to scan your system for malware and adware.


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Re: Constant pop ups and buffering!

I spoke with many differnt people through time warner and tried many differnt steps. Sadley unable to even access any sites at all because it would reroute me to a totally differnt site. Finally gave up and gave the laptop back since the pop up issue killed my laptop. Just find it strange I never had the issue before I switched my Internet service....and I also tried 4 differnt laptops and they all did the same thing. I'll be getting a new laptop soon hopefully won't have the same issue.