Why does everything i want to watch start  buffering or [what ever its called ] right after i put it on. It just keeps going round and round and round and when i change channels it starts again

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I just upgraded to the 100Mbps 5 G service and was experiencing the same thing.  The buffering was MUCH worse with the 100Mbps service than it had been with my old 50Mbps internet speed.   Here is what I finally discovered:   My old (3 yrs) Firestick (streaming device) was NOT capable of handling the faster download speed.   I ordered a new firestick from Amazon, but in the meanwhile, I selected "stop notifications" when the pop up would tell lme that my internet connection was too slow".  That helped a LOT, but there was still lag.  Once I received and installed my newer faster streaming device.....WOW!   What a difference.  Not only did ALL buffering stop, but the picture on the old analog movie I was watching became crystal clear.


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What device(s) are experiencing the buffering issues?


What app(s) are you trying to access (Spectrum TV app, watch Spectrum TV through a browser window on computer, Roku, Xbox)?


Does this happen only when streaming video or do you also experience this when doing normal web browsing?


What internet package are you subscribed to and how are the devices connected (ethernet or wifi)?

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Buffering on the app generally is a sign that there is an issue with the internet connection.

Packet loss or problems with the downstream channels having high correctables or uncorrectables. If you will post some additional informaiton about your connection

we can take a look at the signal levels and other data. 


You can find a list of useful things to post here: DATA-TO-POST-TO-GET-HELP-FROM-THE-COMMUNITY


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