Spectrum TV app Doesn’t work

My Spectrum TV app does not work from any device. It constantly says “connect to in-home WiFi to watch”. The problem is, I am connected  to my Spectrum WiFi and I am in my house. I suspect the problem is because I use my own modem rather than Spectrum’s. I have called support multiple times and have spent hours trying to fix this and no one can help. The last time I called I was told there was a local outage for the service and I was given a bill credit. This issue has been going on for a while now and I don’t believe the local outage is actually the case. Can I please get help fixing this?

Spectrum Employee

Re: Spectrum TV app Doesn’t work

Good evening,


You mentioned that you are using your own modem, but connected to my Spectrum WiFi.  Are you using a router from Spectrum with your own modem and paying the rental?  Tell us about what pieces of equipment you are using.  Also, if you can, try to connect directly to the modem directly with ethernet to a laptop/desktop and see if your able to watch at, and if you are then the modem is registered and it is just a wireless routing issue.  If the direct connection test fails, then its with the modem you are using, and how its logged.  Then a call into repair to escalate that issue will be necessary. 

Let us know more here so we can help you.