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Spectrum TV  -- Your World Is On


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Spectrum TV App -- not just for phone and tablet

Several people can watch different shows on different devices at the same time. Sign in to the Spectrum TV App on devices such as your computer, Roku, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV. Oh, yeah, and on your phone and tablet, too. included with your TV service. A TWC ID is required.


Transform your smartphone into a remote

It’s the ultimate April Fool’s trick. With the Spectrum TV App, your smartphone can act as a remote for your in-home TV set. See how your family reacts when you change the channel with your phone. You can also manage your DVR settings with the app.

Spectrum TV App parental controls

You can block channels for users of the Spectrum TV App through My Account. Please note that settings on your cable Set-Top Box do not carry over to the Spectrum TV App. These Parental Controls settings are separate.

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