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WiFi Hotspot FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use Spectrum WiFi Hotspots?

Spectrum Business and Residential Internet Customers with a TWC® ID have unlimited access to the network. Anyone can access the Spectrum WiFi network with a Free Trial of 30 minutes every month.


How do I sign in to a Spectrum WiFi Hotspot?

Verify you're within range of a Spectrum WiFi Hotspot and that WiFi is enabled on your mobile device.

1. Select "Spectrum WiFi" from available wireless networks.

2.Open your browser and sign in using your username and password. If you're not a qualified customer, select the "free WiFi trial" link to request a Free Trial.

3. Accept the Terms of Service to connect.

For additional support visit https://www.Spectrum.net/forgot/


How do I get a 30 minute Free Trial on "Spectrum WiFi"?

To sign up for a Free Trial, use "Spectrum WiFi."

1. Enable the WiFi feature on your mobile device.

2. Select "TWCWiFi®" from the list of available networks.

3. Open a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari) to access the internet, then select Free WiFi Trial on the Sign In screen.

4. Enter your name and the email address to which you'd like your access code delivered. If you prefer that we text you the access code, enter your mobile phone number.

5. Once you've reviewed the Terms and Conditions, select Get Access Code.

6. An access code will be delivered via email or text (whichever you selected in step 3).

7. Enter your email address and zip code to begin your trial. TWC®

Note: An access code can only be used once. A new access code is provided for each free trial session. Users are eligible for one 30-minute trial per month. This service may be unavailable on some hotspots in the NY metro area.

For unlimited access to Spectrum WiFi visit www.Spectrum.com to become a customer.


What is "CableWiFi"?

"CableWiFi" is a nationwide network of WiFi hotspots, which qualified Spectrum Business Internet and Spectrum Residential Internet customers can access.


If I see "TWCWiFi®" and "CableWiFi" network names, which should I select?

Qualified Spectrum Internet customers should select "TWCWiFi®" for the best experience. If you're traveling and don't see "TWCWiFi®", look for "CableWiFi." Both networks are unlimited for Spectrum Internet customers.


How do I sign in to the "CableWiFi" network?

Verify you're within range of a Spectrum WiFi or partner hotspot and that WiFi is enabled on your mobile device.

1. Select “CableWiFi" from the list of available networks.

2. Open your browser.

3. Select Spectrum as your Internet service provider.

4. Sign in with your Spectrum username and password.

5. Accept the Terms of Service to connect.


What does the WiFi Finder app do?

  • Helps you locate and connect to Spectrum WiFi Hotspots.
  • Provides directions to a WiFi hotspot.
  • Determines your connection status.
  • Lets you request a hotspot at your location.
  • Shows qualified Internet customers their WiFi usage and estimated savings on cellular data.
  • Functions as a connection manager to auto-connect your device to the network once you create a TWCWiFi-Passpoint profile


How do I request a hotspot?

You can request WiFi access at a specific location using the WiFi Finder app:

  1. Tap the Request button in the menu.
  2. Indicate whether your location is indoor or outdoor.
  3. Select Yes, please add to submit your request.
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