quicktime not installed

I have QT alternative installed.  However, TWC will not let me listen to such things as the "rejected call" message. TWC's java must be looking for ONLY the authentic QT????? Any way around this.  Other than installing the original QT??

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Re: quicktime not installed



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Re: quicktime not installed

TMC's Voice Zone contains some audio  files -- they are nothing more than a wave file.


If  I go here:

https://voicezone.timewarnercable.com/Content/sounds/SCR_1.wav  W'sMP will play the sound.


So TWC is using Java to check for Quicktime.  When it does not find QT it pops a this Message:


To play audio online, you must have QuickTime Player installed. If you do not have it, download QuickTime Player for free.


So, my comment is simple:  why in the hell would a web site programming check for QT, and refuse to play a simple WAV file when everyone in the world has WMP (well OK, 90%)