Website cannot be accessed.

I have been accessing the site for the last 2 years. This is a paid subscription online foreign magazine site. For the last one month I am unable to access it when on Time Warner internet. I am able to access the same site through my cellular data which is a different provider.
Time Warner technician came to my home and  checked the modem, router and speed everything was fine. The site cannot be accessed from any browser (Safari, Chrome) The technician also concluded that the site has been blocked. The provider confirms that the site is working fine. 
The IP address of the server where this site is located is
Can some one confirm if this is only my problem? Who to approcah at TWC to solve the problem as my subscription will be wasted if I cannot read the magazine

Re: Website cannot be accessed.

Loads fine....

Try this page:


are you using for dns?


try a different DNS?
ISP:Secured Servers LLC
Country:United States (US) flag
Postal code:85281
Area code:480
Metro code:753
Checking IP against the top SPAM source databases and Email Policy block lists...
Note this may include some end-user IP address ranges which should not be delivering unauthenticated SMTP email. is not blacklisted in SPAM/Exploits databases. is not in any known email block lists, including ISP Policy blocks.

Re: Website cannot be accessed.