Safari unable to load certain web sites

Since last week I've been unable to load certain non-harmful web sites I regularly visit every day. I'd say 95% including Yahoo, my email and others load fast as I'm getting 65 - 70 mbps on both my MacBook Air and iMac.


I have the latest Safari 11.0 browser, have a fast Motorola Spectrum approved Modem and Apple Time Capsule Wifi Router. I've reset, connected, cleared history, cache etc. and those few web sites start to load and just stop....Even after multiple Command R (reload)  INCLUDING SPECTRUM'S own site choke.....The online "help including CHAT simply won't load.....


On the phone with Apple support I used my iPhone as a hotspot (disabling Spectrum's internet connection) and immediately all the affected web sites loaded fast. This is definitely a filter setting or something on SPECTRUM'S end and they have been zero help.


We've enjoyed their TV service along with this internet speed since 5/11/17 but this is making us consider pulling the plug if they can't resolve this simple problem. It only started last Friday when we returned from a trip and even overseas via a hotel's WIfi I could easily load the affected web sites.


Any insights and no, I"m not going to change browsers etc. Safari works fine as I said for 95% of site indicating it is something on the Spectrum end. No local number to call, not help via their 800 number, etc. 


Pretty dissappointing on what has been a nice bump in internet service.........


Re: Safari unable to load certain web sites

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What happens when you use someone else's internet service?  (Never mind, missed that you used it in ahotel.)


Is it possible that your computer picked something up after your visit to that hotel?   It seems odd that this would only happen after you used someone else's wifi, which leads me to beleive it's something else.


Why not try another browser?


What about someone else's computer on your internet connection?


We are peer to peer support, and can't really help you if this is actually a spectrum problem.


What about this being an Apple versus Adobe Flash thing?

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Re: Safari unable to load certain web sites

It's probably not something notoriously evil that infected your Apple MacBook when you were out of the country using hotel WiFi.  I do suspect the offshore network's DNS rerouted you to an Apple IP address for that country which doesn't work here in the USA, and that one is either now stuck in the DNS queue or it overwrote the USA link in your Safari browser.  I would suggest first deleting the site link from both your favorites and browser history, then navigate to it again as a new connection.  And as @dstoffa pointed out, if you CAN connect to the Apple site over your Spectrum network when using any non-Apple computing device, the problem is not at Spectrum's end. 

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Re: Safari unable to load certain web sites

Guessing that you might still have the problem since you didn't follow up.  If you don't mind divulging the domain names or IP addresses, we can dig deeperinto your problem.  Sometimes these are international in nature, and therefore subject to NSA screening.