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Extremely frustrated with Time Warner

I have spent over 3 hours on the phone this week trying to get information about getting a resonable internet speed in my house. When I signed up for service I was told I would get 15mbs, and I am getting only 2mbs. This is a record of only todays phone calls:

Name Location Time Result

Unknown Unknown 35 minutes result dial tone

Jim Albany 6 minutes result I can up grade for $10/month

Unknown Ohio 21 minutes result dial tone

Karl Ohio 11 minutes very expensive to upgrade. I requested a retention specialist and was transferred to:

John in Central America 16 minutes result dial tone

Alexandra Ohio 19 minutes result an upgrade to Turbo internet would cost $149.95/month versus my current $120/month

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Re: Extremely frustrated with Time Warner

My wife and I roll our eyes at each other, when we have to call time warner. Its kind of who has to get the dirty work for the next few hours. We both try to get the other person to do it as neither of us want to. Time warner on the phone is an experience that I wouldnt wish upon my enemies.


You kind of have to be an *sshole on the phone with them. That is really the only way we can get them to do what we need them to. At first i always demand an American that speaks fluent english. That is due to half the time some guy i cant understand. Then you have to deal with the hangups when they put you on hold for an hour, and then drop the call. You have to keep calling back and being a pain the *ss. In the meantime though, you wish you could electricute the people across the other side of the phone.

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