Certain websites won't load

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All of a sudden I cannot access certain websites (online banking, local news, etc) Had an Apple tech login and he could not find anything wrong on my computer and suggested I contact TWC to refresh the DNS. Spoke to a TWC tech yesterday who tried several things and finally suggested I trade in my modem which was just replaced by TWC a few months ago (Ubee). Anyone else having similar problems? (PS: I downloaded Chrome and Firefox to see if it was related to my Safari browser but same thing happens with all of the browsers).


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Get rid of the Ubee

, However, I don't think it's all the problem

Sounds like you have a bad driver, certificate or security setting wrong.


Re: Certain websites won't load

What Operating System (OS) are you using?


Same thing happen to me and it was because of the default settings of the Proxy Server set by Windows 10.


Do you happen to notice in your brower a brief message in the bottom left-hand corner regarding the proxy server BEFORE it times out and you cannot connect?

By the way, once corrected my proxy settings, they periodically get reset and the problem reoccurs.  Not sure why that happens.   

I do not know how this might work on earlier versions of Windows, but in Windows 10 (1) click the WINDOWS LOGO in the bottom left corner of your screen; (2) click SETTINGS; (3) click NETWORK & INTERNET WI-FI, AIRPLANE MODE, VPN; (4) click PROXY; (4) turn off AUTOMATICALLY DETECT SETTINGS; and (5) turn off USE LOCAL SCRIPT (may not always be necessary, try it both way, ON and OFF; and (6) click SAVE

Then visit one of the sites you have been unable to connect to in the past and see if it now works.

Remember your settings BEFORE you make these changes in case you want to go back and change them back in case this solution DOES NOT work for you.


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That would cause the issue and is usally a virus that changes that proxy setting.  If they successfully run you through their proxy they can key log you so be careful. 

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Re: Certain websites won't load

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Although this is now an old thread, it should be obvious what OS he is using, since he is running Safari as his browser and first called an Apple tech to log in and help him.