Can't access


I cannot access from any of my devices through my TWC internet account at home. I get thi message:


Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.4f254b8.1442928203.e66f630


It works just fine if I log onto my celluar network (T-Mobile). Any pointers would be greatlt appreciated.




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Hello, I'm not aware of any issues. Our Social Media team can investigate further, can you please send additional information to


Thanks for posting!


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Hi Jordan,

not sure what additional information you are looking for. There isn't much beyond the simple explanation above. Any webpage that is associated to the or is generating the error message above.

It appears at if the Lufthansa server would be blocking the TWC ip address


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I'm having the exact same issue. Can't access through my time warner connection (on laptop or iPhone), but when I turn off wifi on my phone, and access through my T-Mobile connection, its not an issue. Seems like its being blocked. I was able to access it sometime earlier, a couple of days ago, but starting last night (when I needed to access a reservation), I couldn't.


Any update on this issue?

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We would be happy to look into this for you.


Are you able to run a traceroute to the site? If you can post that it would be appreciated.

Are you able to navigate to the website via the IP address or an alternate browser?


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Lufthansa and other sites handling inquiries from around the world will often use your web address to auto-select the language used on the page they respond with.  It's a feature called homologation, very common for web sites of large international companies. Your browser may have a security blocker enabled that doesn't allow redirects like that to take place.


If you're not sure, use the .com suffix for USA English rather than .de for Germany, .fr for France, .it for Italy, or .es for Spain, etc.  You'll still get English, but with different spellings and grammar if you use .ca for Canada or .gb for Great Britain.  I've also used .au for Australia and .ei for Ireland recently.


Your phone's browser will react differently from TWC, in part because T-Mobile is part of Deutche Telecom of Germany.  Their 4G data network is internationally routed, not terminated within the USA, so your data may be subject to monitoring by the NSA.


A posting similar to this one appeared here in this forum a few weeks ago.  In that case the requested site was in Iran.  It was being blocked elsewhere for having received several thousand  spam complaints.